‘Something wicked this way comes’ to Theatre Brookhaven

By Vadim Dozmorov

Staff Writer


In the words of Shakespeare, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.” In the upcoming Theatre Brookhaven production of “Macbeth,” also known as the “Scottish Play,” Shakespeare’s work will be brought to life with a twist.

The play is an adaptation by R. Andrew Aguilar and Cody Lucas directed by Darise H. Error, theater department chair.

Aguilar, who plays Macbeth, said, “An actor has to be crazy to do this play.” With the intricate plot coupled with the contemporary adaptation, people are going to see something they have never seen before, he said. Aguilar, appreciating the poetic language of Shakespeare, said he reads it aloud and sees the script take on a life of its own. Aguilar is energetic and loves his work with the theater department. While sitting on the steps of the theater entrance, he read over his script and prepared for the production.

Student assistant and shop attendant Stewart Mikkelson said he has a high regard for the Brookhaven College community. Mikkelson designed and created the props for the set based on the designer’s vision. He also shadows students in the Stagecraft class who will be working lights and audio during the performance.

The prop room in the back of the theater was well lit and smelled of fresh-cut wood. Mikkelson flipped through pages of architectural layouts and designs with models that appeared complex. There was a green “applause” sign overhead that he built for one of the previous plays.

According to Shakespeare Online, scholar Tucker Brooke put on the first performance of Macbeth in the American Colonies in 1765 at the John Street Theatre in New York. The story of the production is broad and eventful with a tumultuous past.

The plot consists of tragic tidings foreshadowed by three witches who tell Macbeth he will be king.

Quinn Coffman, Brookhaven student, said Error is treating the play like her baby, the actors are giving it their all, and Error expects something absolutely great, foreshadowing the April 24-27 performances.