Pajama pants are fashion disaster

By Carmina Tiscareño

New Media Editor

Photos Illustration by Adriana Salazar
Photos Illustration by Adriana Salazar


They may be comfortable, but in most cases, pajama pants are not ideal for a learning environment.

Many students enjoy dressing comfortably. Unfortunately, there are a few students who might take the comfort level a little too far by wearing pajama pants on campus.

Brookhaven College student Liz Cortez said dirty pajama pants look bad but nice clean ones do not. Cortez said she wishes she had the guts to wear pajamas on cam- pus. Opposing that point, student Kayla Bond said it does not take that much effort to put pants on. Bond said if students are thinking of wearing pajamas to campus, they should just go back home. She said if students do not put effort in getting dressed, it makes her think they will not put effort into their school- work.

English professor Hurshel Burton said pajamas should not be a way for a student to express who they are because that message gets misinterpreted when students wear pajamas.

“Did you roll out of bed and come to class? Did you think about get-ting dressed?” Burton said. “Will you wear pajamas to a scholarship interview or to a speech presentation?”

Burton said: “What if the president of the United States comes to your class? And what if the teacher wants to highlight some work you did, but you’re wearing Hello Kitty pajama pants? You don’t know what situation you’re going to be in.”

Burton said he understands finals week may be crazy for some students – some have a final or two a day while studying for other exams and working. He said he has been in that situation before, and it’s completely understand- able for students to wear pajamas during a final exam. “If you stayed up all night studying for finals and you are beat and haven’t had any sleep, by all means, come take your finals in pajamas,” he said.

Zephyr Basina, college fashion editor of wrote in an article titled “Don’t Wear Pajamas to Class” that schools such as Illinois State University require a business casual dress code for students majoring in marketing or education.

If a student were to present a speech about endangered birds while wearing Angry Birds pajama pants, that student would not get his or her message across, Burton said.

He said professors recognize when students dress “college smart,” even if it includes jeans and a T-shirt paired with nice shoes. Instructors notice when students make an effort to “present themselves in a certain way,” he said. The message is to dress for success, even if it is jeans and a sweater for that day, because, as Burton said before, you never know the situation.

Basina suggested a cute pair of sweats as a better option to stay comfy while avoiding wearing pajama pants or pajamas to school. In her article, Basina said that wearing pajamas to a college campus is beyond disrespectful to the professor and to fellow class- mates. According to “What not to wear on campus,” an article by Carl Azuz on the Schools of Thought blog on, students should not dress like they are sit- ting around watching Hulu and eating cold pizza if they are going to spend money on higher education.