Top 5 college films

By Diamond Gregg 

Layout Editor 

 1The Graduate 

 For the intellectual, consider the classic 1967 film “The Graduate” starring Dustin Hoffman. “The Graduate” proved its worth by earning several awards, including one from the American Film Institute as one of the century’s top 100 films. An anthem of college blues and existentialism, this film shows that college does not always give the answers to life’s questions, and that is OK. Rather, college is preparation for a journey of self-awareness and identity. The soundtrack is as introspective as the film itself and consists entirely of the works of Simon and Garfunkel. This film can be great comfort to those who are feeling the anxiety of heading into the unknown as their college careers wind down.

 2. Rudy 

 Sometimes life is just not fair. The obstacles and roadblocks can stretch for miles, leading some of us to ask whether the struggle is even worth it. Days like that are perfect for watching “Rudy.” This feel-good film based on a true story proves anyone can achieve greatness with a little perseverance. A young man (Sean Astin) struggles financially and emotionally on his journey to play for his favorite football team. The main character’s hope inspires as his determination carries him through setbacks during his journey. Receiving an award from AFI as one of the most inspiring films of all time, “Rudy” is definitely a must-see for those feeling lethargic in their quest for greatness.

3.  Animal House 

 “Animal House,” starring the hilarious comedic actor John Belushi, may be the most quintessential college party film of all time. A cult classic, it has everything from toga parties to drunken shenanigans. This film embraces typical fraternity life, however cliché it may seem now. Filmed in 1978 but set in 1962, “Animal House” stars fraternity brothers who are living life to the fullest. From challenging the dean of the school on petty rules to sabotaging the homecoming parade, it is obvious that their problems will seem irrelevant in the future. For them, college life is all about partying and doing it right. A fun movie for those who appreciate what it is to be young.

4.  Revenge of the Nerds 

 Sometimes David beats Goliath, the home team wins the championship and the nerds outsmart the jocks. “Revenge of the Nerds” should be at the top of anyone’s list of college cult classics. Live vicariously through the experiences of two super nerds getting even with some super jocks in this classic 1984 film about societal norms and their effect on the people who never seem to fit in. This film, considered one of the 100 funniest films of all time by Bravo, has a lighthearted demeanor with a serious undertone. Simply put, “Revenge of the Nerds” is a tale of getting even without the possibility of getting in trouble.


5.  Good Will Hunting

 For the non-conformist, examine the 1998 film “Good Will Hunting.” This drama, which stars Matt Damon and Robin Williams and won two Academy Awards, tells the tale of a young man who was given the gift of genius but would rather not squander it on ideals he does not believe in. Reluctantly, he attends therapy sessions to figure out what he wants for his future and whether to accept the many high-profile jobs offered to him. Not willing to sacrifice his own beliefs, the main character, Will Hunting, earns respect and a new best friend along the way. “Good Will Hunting” is a tremendous film, highlighting the importance of individuality.