Cheap dates

By Travis Baugh

Staff Writer

Looking to spend some time with that special someone this fall and
not break the bank while doing it? Here are a few ideas that could help.

1. The Texas Theater -231 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Try The Texas Theater for the classic dinner and a movie. The
food will cost you, but the film is free. The historic Texas Theater
is great on any night, with a selection of films ranging from indie to
more obscure, some of which are shown in the original 35mm film
format. The Texas Theater celebrates all film, from really good to
really bad – the so bad it’s good kind of bad. The first Tuesday
of every month is Tuesday Night Trash. The night is dedicated
to weird, obscure or forgotten films that are overflowing with
B-movie goodness. For more information, check its Facebook page. 2. The Texas Discovery Gardens – Inside Fair Park at 3601 Martin Luther King Jr.  Blvd.

Maybe you want to go out and do something a little more active.
The Texas Discovery Gardens are free on Tuesdays. The Texas
Discovery Gardens covers over seven acres and is filled with native
and exotic botanical life. The plants have been selected for their ability
to adapt to Texas soils and provide habitats for butterflies, insects
and birds. The gardens are divided into 10 different areas, including a
native wildlife pool, a secret garden and a butterfly house. The Rosine
Smith Sammons Butterfly House & Insectarium is a two-story enclosure
that allows visitors to get up close and experience little winged
insects firsthand. While general admission is free on Tuesdays,
admission into the Butterfly House & Insectarium is $8 per person.

3. The Dallas Museum of Art – 1717 N. Harwood St.

If a little culture is in order, the Dallas Museum of Art general
admission is free and includes most exhibits. The DMA’s collection
contains more than 20,000 pieces of art from around the
world, with over 7,000 on display at this time. These collections
span more than 5,000 years of art and culture. For extra romantic
points, the DMA is open until midnight the third Friday of every
month (except December). Try Thursday nights at the DMA, with
live music and food. Admission to the show is also free.

4. The Dallas Comedy House – 2645 Commerce St.

Want to go out for a few laughs? The Dallas Comedy House has
you covered. Open mic night is held Tuesdays, and it’s free. The
Dallas Comedy House has a full bar and a snack bar with little
stuff, such as Sun Chips and Skittles. Comedy seekers may also
bring food in from the surrounding restaurants, so if you have a
craving for Angry Dog and a laugh, it’s not a problem.

5. Good Records – 1808 Greenville Ave. &  Truck Yard -5624 Sears St.

How about a free concert, cheap beer and good food? Good
Records has new and used vinyl, CDs and turntables. Occasionally,
the store puts on a free show and features bands that are in town
performing or promoting new albums. Good Records is not far
from a handful of Lower Greenville bars and restaurants. You
could have a few drinks at the Truck Yard, a self-proclaimed beer
garden and adult playground, and then walk to Good Records for a
free show. Then, why not head back to the Truck Yard for a bite to
eat? With giant Philly cheese steaks, fries made in front of you or
the three different food trucks that rotate every day, one can find
something to feast on.