Courier staff wins awards

By Jasmine Torres 


Staff Writer 

The Brookhaven Courier editors and staff won 17 awards at the 2014 Texas Community College Journalism Association Convention. The convention was held Friday, Oct. 10 in Tyler, Texas, at University of Texas at Tyler. The Dallas Morning News’ award-winning columnist and Tyler native Steve Blow was the keynote speaker. Blow stressed the importance of young journalists using “short words. Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Short stories.”

The 17 awards set a new record for Courier staff at TCCJA. The staff earned 11 awards at the 2013 convention. “I, for one, just felt really proud of everyone’s hard work and how dedicated everyone was,” Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Bostick said. “We did a lot better in the live competitions than I thought we would do. It always feels good to win against other teams and be able to say we have the best photos at TCCJA.”

At the convention, Brookhaven’s staff competed in “canned,” or previously published contests, as well as live competitions against news teams from community colleges around Texas. As of 2014, TCCJA represents 18 member schools, including North Lake, Eastfield and Richland colleges.

“I guess it’s pretty validating to see how other newsrooms operate, and the fact that we won 17 awards and do things the way we do things lets me know that we’re on the right track,” Bostick said.

Students competed in several live competitions ranging from photography, writing, layout and design to editing, which were judged by a panel of professors and student media advisers.

“I mean you saw my reaction man, I teared up bro, I teared up,” Sports and Opinion Editor, Brigitte Zumaya said.  “It pushes students outside of their comfort zones and challenges them to think on their feet while working on a short deadline,” newspaper adviser Daniel Rodrigue said. “Many of the competitions are limited to one hour.”

Kathy Tran, creative multimedia producer and photographer for The Courier, brought home first place for feature photo in the live competition. “It’s about telling the story in one single image in the midst of competing with other photojournalists by having the best perspective,” Tran said. “I work well under pressure and hustle for my images. It’s satisfying when judges acknowledge my hustle.”  The Courier staff will travel to the TCCJA convention next fall in Austin.


Brookhaven Courier 2014 TCCJA awards

Live Contests: 

*Feature Photo – 1st – Kathy Tran

*News Photo – 1st – Brigitte Zumaya

*News Photo – 3rd – Adriana Salazar

*Television News Writing – 3rd – Carmina Tiscareño

*Copy Editing – HM – Chris R. Allison

Canned Contests: 

*Advertising – 1st – Kathy Tran

*News Photo – 1st – Kathy Tran

*Sports Action Photo – 2nd – Scott Godbey, Maddox Price

*Magazine, Non-Photo Illustration – 3rd – Vadim Dozmorov

*Editorial Writing – 3rd – Staff

*Sports News Story – HM – Adam Coleman

*Cartoon – HM – Vadim Dozmorov

*Feature Writing – HM – Aaron Ortega

*Magazine, Photography – HM – Eriana Ruiz

*Editorial Writing – HM – Adriana Salazar

*Website – HM – Staff

*Magazine, Overall General Excellence – HM – The Windmill