BHC Film Club expands

By Brigitte Zumaya

Sports & Opinion Editor


The Film Club is a new organization at Brookhaven College that is fresh and is still recruiting students. The group of aspiring filmmakers is growing and trying to expand its membership as it gains recognition. “I’m really, really thrilled to see that we have a film club on the campus,” Rebekah Benavides, Office of Student Life program coordinator, said. Meetings for Film Club are from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday in Room B222.

Two Brookhaven students are making this club come to life: the founder and president Alex Uresti and the vice president Grady Allen- Thomas. They discussed what the club was about, its purpose and where they would film in the future.

“If there is something that they’re passionate about, something that they really enjoy, chances are they’re going to find other students who are like-minded,” Benavides said. “His [Uresti’s] vision was to bring awareness about the film industry to the students at Brookhaven. Most of the work has come from Alex himself. He’s been very energetic and driven about getting this origination started.”

That is why Uresti and Allen-Thomas are bringing their own personal camera equipment to get members familiar with the tools. “Films have to motivate you in some specific way,” Uresti said. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a good film, with the process of balancing between actors and budgeting. “What makes a good film is telling a good story,” Allen-Thomas said.

Uresti’s parents are not too fond of his plans to major in film because they think it is just a hobby. “I’m going to prove them wrong and everyone else who thinks that I can’t make it,” he said.

It all started years ago, when Uresti heard he had talent from people who had seen his videos. Uresti has been filming ever since one of his middle school teachers gave him a used camera to record everything he saw. One of Uresti’s favorite films is “Transformers” by director Michael Bay. “I think movies can present life lessons, morals; they can change your perspective,” Benavides said.