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New look robs old style

By Atziry Garcia 


Staff Writer

Designers look back to a generation fueled by rock ‘n’ roll and protests to create groovy, mod clothes.

The everlasting mod look initiated by ’60s British youths has inspired many top designers in their fashions for this fall and upcoming winter. According to, “the sixties are back in a major way … we are seeing a lot of miniskirts, knee-high boots and accessories that remind us of yesteryear. Whatever the reason, we’re happy that the ’60s are swinging back.”

The revolutionary ’60s transformed fashion as much as anything else. According to, even designers like Valentino, Prada and Chloe’ have incorporated fun psychedelic style and bold ’60s prints on dresses. Louis Vuitton is also known for presenting ’60s-based designs on the runway.

The idea of ’60s-inspired clothes makes winter approachable, as items for winter are often dull. Turtleneck sweaters, which are making a huge comeback, can be worn with a skirt, jeans or pants for girls, and guys can wear them with jeans or trousers. Turtlenecks are often very comfy while giving a presentable look. Ladies can get turtleneck sweaters for just $5.99 at J.C. Penney or $7.80 at forever21. com. The lads can find them for $12-$25 at

Mink coats were also a huge trend in the ’60s. Classic model Pattie Boyd wore one at her wedding with George Harrison. Find them at antique clothing stores for about $100-$500. Find faux fur coats at for as low as $59.80.

Although men were not generally into mink fur coats, they were into the faux shearling moto-jackets. Classic actor Alain Delon often rocked his while driving his motorcycle. Men can find them at for as low as $79.95 or can look for them on eBay for a bargain price. Although the style was not really popular with women until the ’70s, now mostly women wear them, and they look great. You can find faux shearling moto-jackets for as low as $59.80 at forever21. com.

Checkered, bright suits also came out of the sixties. It was the era when women started to wear them as well. From Bianca Jagger to singer Francoise Hardy, suits were adapted from the likes of Brian Jones and Bob Dylan. The masculine yet chic look is still a must for women. Guys can find suits at Women can buy a suit for a minimum of $15, consisting of a plaid blazer and a pencil skirt, at

Berets, mittens and scarves were an important and cute addition to ’60s clothes. French actress Brigitte Bardot and Beatles frontman John Lennon often wore berets. Berets for women and men can be found for as little as $6.90 at sammydress. com.

Another item that was taken from the lads for the gals was the Chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot, worn by men in the ’60s, is now a major must in any women’s shoe collection. You can get them for as low as $35 on

Women interested in a fresh go-go boot look instead of the Chelsea boot can buy knee-high or over-the-knee boots. There is a great selection at for around $30.

The look is so remarkable it has outlasted the many alterations of today’s fashion industry.

Celebrities and supermodels have adapted the mod style in their own personal outerwear. Musicians Miles Kane and Alex Turner are often seen wearing personalized tailored suits in an attempt to copy the Beatles’ mod look. Models Alexa Chung and Kate Moss have often been noted for wearing such attire, as well as musician/actress Zooey Deschanel, whose early ’60s style flatters her thick, glossy fringe.

The reason the look has stayed around so long is because most of these celebrities do not exclusively wear ’60s clothing. They mix it up with their own modernized items. Chung has often been spotted pairing her rollernecks with a pair of black skinny jeans, showing a more modern look. Deschanel is often seen wearing mod-like mini dresses paired with wedges or high heels, which were never a trend in the ’60s.

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