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Six apps make college life easier

By Tyler Satchwell 

Staff Writer


There are thousands of apps out there, and finding the best one for a given task can be a pain. But these six apps have been Courier-approved to make work, class or any other time that much more productive:

1-Wunderlist (iOS & Android) 

Organizing group projects can be a pain at times. Wunderlist can help. While this app has all the typical functionality of an organizational app, with to-do lists, reminders and the like, what really sets it apart from the others is the ability to invite other users to share in those reminders. There is also a pro version, which allows groups to add comments and files to various tracked items. The app is available for free, with the pro version running $4.99 a month. 

2-Evernote (iOS & Android) 

There simply is not a better app for taking notes in class from a mobile device than Evernote. The interface is clean and easy to use, and notes or pictures stored within the app automatically sync to any other device installed with Evernote. The app also recognizes handwriting for stylus users, and for the more vocally inclined, can even take voice notes. The free version of the app is fully functional, but the premium version allows for more online storage at $5 a month.

3-RefME (iOS) 

While the Noodle Tools site from the library is great for producing a Works Cited page for English papers, it is not the most mobile-friendly of websites. RefME allows users to create projects and manually enter citations similar to Noodle Tools but also has a great piece of functionality that enables users to scan the barcode of a book or journal and create an automatic citation.

4-PhotoMath (iOS) 

Stuck on a math problem? Take a picture of it. This new app solves math problems by simply pointing an iPhone at them and even provides the steps how to do it. Warning: it only works on problems that are typed on a page. Hieroglyphics scrawled on spiral-bound paper do not yet compute.

5-Smart Voice Recorder (Android) 

Ever sat in a lecture patiently recording a professor’s monotone commentary and notice the diminishing recording space left on the phone? Smart Voice Recorder solves this by noticing the brief few seconds the professor pauses for breath or is documenting something on the whiteboard. It automatically stops recording and then picks back up when it notices that something is being said. It also shows how much time there is left to record based on the available space on your phone.

6-Wolfram|Alpha (iOS & Android) 

While Android users await the awesomeness that is PhotoMath, Wolfram|Alpha is a robust math app that provides great functionality at the expense of having to type in the equations. It provides step-by-step solutions for computations and solutions. As an added bonus, it can provide data on a large range of topics outside of math, such as music, geography and even sports. This app is a must-have for people who want data instantly available at their fingertips and is available for $2.99.

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