Bears defeat with a growl

By Brigitte Zumaya

Associate Layout Editor

The Brookhaven College Bears basketball team defended their territory Wednesday night against Mountain View College. The start of the game showed the opponent up 10 points with the Bears at 0. The bears scored their first point with a free throw in the middle of the first quarter.

Aggression between the two teams mounted just before half-time. The coaches and referees had a discussion after a scuffle between Mountain View Lion Anthony Walker Jr., #1, and Brookhaven Bear Blake Ervin, #10. Walker was ejected from the game. Both teams, however, received technical fouls for aggressive shoving. “Play with heart, not emotion,” head basketball coach Kevin Hurst said.

The score at halftime showed the Bears down 36-53. After the break, one of the Bears was shoved to the floor, receiving two free throws but no luck in advancing their score.

About seven minutes before the game ended, the Bears were still behind with an 8-point difference. The crowd’s anticipation elevated as the players became more and more anxious. It was any team’s game to win.

With what would prove to be a comeback, the Bears were up 2 points just minutes before the final whistle of the game. Fans were on the edge of their seats, cheering “defense, defense, defense,” hands waving in the air.

With just seconds on the clock, the Bears had the upper hand, College athletics program assistant, Jonathan Allen said. As the final buzzer rang, the Bears triumphed with a final score of 92-83.