Spring into Valentine’s

By Carmina Tiscareño

New Media & Fashion Editor

Finding something to wear on Valentine’s Day does not have to be a hassle. Instead of wearing the cliché color (i.e. red) or Valentine-themed attire, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get ahead of the crowd. Take advantage and impress your date or friends by wearing 2015 spring trends inspired by the runway.

Plenty of 2014’s spring trends for men and women are being recycled this year. According to an article by Ben Jones on fashionbeans.com, the bomber jacket is sticking around. Men can wear a bomber jacket on a date, while hanging with friends or just lounging around at home. The bomber jacket is a transitional piece perfect for unpredictable Texas weather because it comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.

On the runway, styles ranged from metallic bomber jackets by designer Richard Nicoll to letterman varsity styles by Bottega Veneta. The bomber jacket pairs with virtually anything, making it a versatile piece, Jones said.

For women, the crop top is back once again. According to an article by Chloe Tejada for the Huffington Post, the crop top is elegant and ladylike. The tasteful look of crop tops this season makes the top a good option for a date or a night out with the girls.

The “new crop top” goes well with a modest midi skirt or some high-waisted trousers for a polished look.

Another spring trend women can wear to any Valentine’s Day event is reconstructed denim. Courtney Reagan and Sabrina Korber said in an article on nbcnews.com that denim sales dropped due to the popularity of leggings, but the 2015 spring runway styles proved denim is still king.

Tejada said the runway had bedazzled pants from designer Dolce & Gabbana. Denim dresses, jumpsuits and skirts were also seen.

A denim dress with a light crewneck sweater thrown over is a great option for anyone who may spend the night at home. The style is easy to work with because simple heels can dress up the lounging look if any plans pop up.

For those who will be on a date, the runway had plenty of polished, dressy styles. White and beige were popular unisex colors.

White or beige jeans are key pieces for men to incorporate this Valentine’s Day. A crisp, long-sleeved button-down paired with a white bomber jacket, white slip-on shoes and black jeans can make a man look sophisticated but cool.

For women, white was seen in a variety of hues on modern mini dresses, trousers, long, simple gowns and accessories. Easy key pieces for this look include a little white dress or a white jacket or blazer.

A subtle take on this trend could include white shoes – anything from white heels to slip-on sneakers.

A trend women can wear on a date is sheer fabric, which Tejeda said adds a touch of femininity. Dresses and skirts on the runway had sheer detailing. Some shirts had sheer detailing as well, while others were entirely made of sheer fabric.

Pair a boxy crop top with a neutral-colored skirt with sheer fabric detailing and some heels or flats, and the look is ready for any dinner.

Suit separates are another trend men can try on a date night. Jones said blazers, waistcoats and trousers were dressed down with less formal pieces. That made the look casual but smart, dressy and comfortable at the same time. To achieve this technique, look for tailored blazers and trousers to pair with casual attire.

Fun and daring pieces are the best to wear around friends. Prints are always a great unisex trend during spring. Jones said vivid prints on sports jackets and short-sleeved button-downs were popular styles for men on the runway. A print that hit the runway once more was camouflage. Easy key pieces include leaf-print short-sleeved button-downs, crewneck sweaters and camouflage windbreakers.

For women, floral print is a recurring spring trend. Tejada said the runway had vivid florals, and designers made the look modern by incorporating big, bold designs. The final spring trends not many expected to see on the runway were flats and sneakers for women. Tejeda said sneakers are great for anyone who is not a fan of heels