Candidates prepare for campus election

By Ravin René

Layout/Photo Editor

“I hope to bring students together and form a better college,”

Elections for the 2016-2017 Student Government Association president and vice president will be held March 23 and 24 in S Building lobby. Brookhaven College students with a GPA of 2.75 or higher are eligible to apply for any SGA position. Students interested in running for SGA president or vice president must submit their applications by March 10.

Brian Borski, director of student life and SGA adviser, said students will be allowed to campaign March 21 and 22. Campaigning includes putting up signs and posters and speaking with students.

Applications for treasurer, secretary, parliamentarian and public relations officer will be available March 28, Borski said. Applications for senators will be available starting in April, although the date has not yet been determined.

Information about the election and application process is available in the Office of Student Life in S201.

Fernando Sanchez, a student senator and current Texas Junior College Student Government Association Region II social committee chair, said he will run for SGA president this year. He said Brookhaven has many great student leaders, but they do not work well together. Sanchez said he hopes to better unite them in the coming year.

Hat Omar Sefiane, a student senator, said he has not decided whether he will run for office but he likes what SGA has done for the student body. Sefiane said students do not interact with one another at community colleges like they do at universities. “Usually you just go to your class and leave [afterward],” he said.

Sefiane said he hopes to increase the number of activities on campus, such as volunteer opportunities and fundraising events.

Farzad Hodjatnejjad, a student senator, will be campaigning for president. Hodjatnejjad said he hopes to increase SGA meeting attendance. “I hope to bring students together and form a better college,” Hodjatnejjad said.