Not ‘Everybody Wants Some’ in Linklater film

By Nicholas Pauszek

Contributing Writer

“Everybody Wants Some!!,” released April 15 and directed by Richard Linklater, follows a group of freshmen baseball players through their first intoxicated weekend in college. If the plot already sounds a little played out, it’s because it is. But despite the film’s exhausted storyline, it’s got a few moments of comedy throughout.

“Everybody Wants Some!!” premiered at the 2016 South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. The film received critical acclaim, and labeled Linklater as the “master of soul-searching movies about nothing.”

he film is a sequel to Linklater’s 1993 cult classic “Dazed and Confused,” a film following high schoolers in the ’70s who are up to similar horseplay. “Everybody Wants Some!!” focuses primarily on freshman pitcher Jake (Jake Jenner), but Linklater did a good job developing the other characters. Audiences can easily gain a good understanding of the team’s dynamic.

According to The New Yorker, the film is almost autobiographical for Linklater – baseball players in a sleepy Texas town in 1980 sounds a whole lot like the director’s own college days. I don’t blame Linklater for thinking he could strike gold again, but it’s almost impossible to recapture the magic that made “Dazed and Confused” so great. “Everybody Wants Some!!” just lacks the ability to become this generation’s classic.