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Trump’s reign not end of world

Stephon Smith
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Although he ran under the promise to make America great again, there have been tons of backlash and protests from around the country since President Donald Trump took office Jan. 20.

You’d think that after promising to make America great again, everyone would be on board because we’re all Americans. However, that isn’t the case. Many people disapprove of our new president’s policies, calling him a bigot and racist, among other things. Others worry that because he has no background in politics, he will run the country into the ground.

But is it really that serious?

Although Trump is the first president in the modern era to have no political background, there have been several former presidents with minimal political experience, such as George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Is political experience truly that big of a deal?

Reagan’s war on drugs was an epic fail. Under George H.W. Bush, we got the Iran-Contra affair.

Trump has been criticized for his promise to tighten up the U.S. borders when he tried to do so with an executive order titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the U.S., widely known as the Muslim ban. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia were on the list of countries excluded by the executive order.

Along with the travel ban, the Trump administration still advocates for building the infamous wall along the southern border and deporting all undocumented immigrants. There have been several protests from those outraged over what’s being signed into law. But what about The Monsanto Protection Act? Obama signed the act into law and, according to Snopes, “This bill would create a precedent-setting limitation on judicial review of genetically-engineered crops, allowing them to be planted without federal safeguards in place that protect our environment, family farmers and citizens.” This protects companies from lawsuits even though they put harmful chemicals in food. They don’t label what’s in the food, and we’re up in arms about a wall?

With undocumented immigrants deported out of the country, complaints of immigrants who work for low wages will plummet, and more jobs will be available for Americans and legal immigrants. Theoretically, this should help rid the U.S. of its unemployment problem and increase the average family income.

Throughout America’s history, we’ve learned that experience doesn’t always make you the man or woman for the job. America will never be perfect, and no matter who’s in office and what they decide to pass, there will be those who are with it and those who are against it. After all, this is America, isn’t it? The land of opportunity?

We have four or eight years with Trump. I’m pretty sure it isn’t the end of the world.

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