Roadrunners muss Bears’ fur, 2-1

The Brookhaven Lady Bears keep possession in their first home ga me, but struggle to outrun the Roadrunners.

By Juan Betancourt
Sports/Web Editor

Photo by Willie R. Cole
Bears Joseline Sorto (#3) defends the ball against a Roadrunner defender.

The Brookhaven College Lady Bears soccer team had many opportunities for goals, but fell short during their home opener against the Angelina College Lady Roadrunners Sept. 2, 2-1.


In the first minute, Bears Corrina Ortiz crossed a corner kick to the penalty area, but the Roadrunners’ defense cleared it away from the box.

Immediately after the corner kick, Roadrunners Ashley Mora passed through Ortiz, but Bears Brenda Hernandez slide-tackled Mora. Mora fell to the ground and looked for a foul to be called, but the referee did not signal a foul.

In the seventh minute, the Bears tried for an early lead as Jazmine Bustos put the goal on net, but the linesman signaled for an offside position, and the score remained level.

In the ninth minute, Roadrunners Kennedy Sessions was left unmarked by the Bears’ defense, but her run ended when her shot went over the crossbar. The Bears immediately lost possession and Mora ran the ball deep on the leftwing and crossed it to the penalty box. With none of her teammates in the box, the Bears’ defense cleared it out.

The Roadrunners tried to put more pressure on the Bears’ defense, but the Bears turned things around. The score remained tied 0-0.


In the 24th minute, Bears defender Alex Aguilar ran the offensive and passed the ball to Olivia Marin, who then crossed it to Julie Ortega. Ortega headed the ball, but the header sailed over the crossbar.

In the 34th minute, Bears Deshae Darrell went one-on-one with her marker and slipped on her shot. The Roadrunners’ goalie, Yvette Carter, had no trouble making the save.

In the 40th minute, Bears Joseline Sorto had a wide-open shot to score a goal. The ball almost went in, but teammate Darrell accidentally blocked her attempt, and the defense cleared it away. The Bears kept control and ended the first half 0-0.

In the 50th minute, Darrell juked the goalie, but placed the ball too far right at an uncomfortable angle, missing the net.

After several missed chances, a Bears’ corner kick attempt was cleared away and rebounded to Bears Micah Pond, who took the long-range shot outside the box. The ball hit the post and ricocheted into the net. The Bears took a 1-0 lead in the 59th minute.


The Bears’ celebration did not last long. Two minutes later, the Bears’ defense left Sessions unmarked, and she scored the 1-1 equalizer.

“We had the game. It was little mistakes, and they got us,” Hernandez said. “But we dominated the whole game.”

The Bears were hungry to take back the lead. Bears Taylor Reyes took a shot outside the box, which hit the crossbar and set up a goal kick.

In the 75th minute, the Bears missed another corner kick attempt. Carter let the ball slip out of her hand, and Bears Samantha Ramirez jumped for a high kick. Her shot hit the post.

The Bears were running out of time. In the 87th minute, Aguilar’s free kick attempt went far wide for a goal kick.

The game went to overtime. The winner was to be decided with a golden goal, by which the first team to score would win the match.

In the 100th minute, the Bears gave away a penalty, and Roadrunners Olivia Urrutia shot the ball into the lower-right corner. Bears goalkeeper Daniela Marin dove toward the ball, but could not block it. The Roadrunners won the match 2-1.

“I thought I had it, but I wasn’t quite there,” Daniela said.

“We have a strong team, but we just have to be more lucky,” Jim Elder, Brookhaven’s head soccer coach, said.

The Lady Bears host the Eastfield College Bees Sept. 15 for the first conference game of the season.