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Snack prices increase

The renewed vending machine contract will also bring a Starbucks Coffee machine.

By Calvin Spencer Jr.
Contributing Writer

Brookhaven students, staff and faculty may notice an increase in vending machine prices, as well as a Starbucks Coffee machine installed around campus.

Dawn Bishop, assistant to vice president of business services, said the ultimate goal is to improve convenience and overall experience for Brookhaveans.

The new vending contract with Canteen Vending will raise the prices of most snacks and beverages by 10 cents. These new prices are meant to be similar to those of nearby stores, such as Walmart.

In a Jan. 15 campuswide email, Bishop said the main reason for the price change is to benefit students. All money made through concessions and vending machines goes to Brookhaven’s student activities programs. “It’s not us looking for money to keep the lights on, it’s for the students,” Bishop said.

But the price increase has some students concerned.

“It’s kind of annoying to get the dimes and stuff,” William Woods, a student who frequently uses the vending machines, said. “I’m used to getting back quarters.”

Udoka Amakom, a student, said: “It’s a big deal. I think that the school should focus on other things rather than changing vending machine prices. Before you know it, they’ll add 10 cents again and again. It’s better for the price to go down instead of up.”

Bishop said vendor contracts typically last from five to seven years. Under the contract, the colleges cannot change prices, she said.


Additionally, Starbucks glass-front vending machines will take the place of the current coffee vending machines, Bishop said. One Starbucks machine will be placed on campus to test how Brookhaveans react to the new idea. The location of the Starbucks machine has not been determined as of press date.

If successful, more machines will be installed across the campus. These will be placed in high-traffic areas such as S, T and K buildings, Bishop said.


Under the new contract, some of the older vending machines will be replaced, Bishop said.

Certain vending machines throughout the campus do not function as they should. Some may not accept bills or credit cards or either one. This may mean some students have to venture across campus just to buy a certain snack or drink.

“When you go to buy a drink, you shouldn’t have to walk all the way across the school,” Bishop said.

The malfunctioning and outdated machines will be replaced with newer, more user-friendly ones, Bishop said.

The new machines will be replaced by Canteen Vending, Bishop said. Otherwise, replacing the machines could cost Brookhaven about $5,000 each, she said.

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