Library updates print system

By Olivia Rodriguez
Contributing Writer

The Brookhaven College library updated its student printing service to make it is easier for students to print work for classes.

In the past, students had to create a separate account to use the campus printers, John Flores, a librarian said. 

With the new system, students have the needed account information because it is linked together with an eConnect account, making it easier to use the library’s printing system. “It’s a great system and it’s really the first system that reaches out to all students,” Flores said.

“I like the system a lot, I haven’t had any problems at all,” Daniel Mitchell, library circulation assistant, said. Mitchell said, despite learning curves, the new system works well.

Flores said passwords will need to be reset every 90 days, like eConnect.

Josie Avina, a student, said, “I like that we didn’t have to create a new account.” Avina said she tried printing an assignment before class but had trouble with her account. “The system is really convenient because I take classes at multiple DCCCD campuses and I’m able to use the same account and not have to create a new one at each campus in order to print out my work for class,” Avina said.

Cassandra Solis, a student, said, “I’ve been at Brookhaven for three years now and have always hated having to create a new account.” Solis said, the new system makes printing easier because she now has one less password to remember.