Campus Ministry explores outreach

By Kweisi Brown
Contributing Writer 

The Campus Ministry is a club at Brookhaven College in which students can talk about Christianity and the Bible. The club meets from noon to 1 p.m. every Tuesday in Room S220.

The Campus Ministry is sponsored by the Baptist Student Ministry, a national organization that helps students start Christian-based clubs on their campuses. The organizers provide information, resources, materials and guidance for students on campus, Marty Earls, a BSM adviser and former club president, said. “It’s not a sermon. … It’s not even a Bible study,” Earls said.

Club members discuss subjects students have questions about and issues such as God’s existence or the purpose of life. Earls said students come and share their religious opinions and beliefs.

“I really like this club because this is a Christian club, and as a Christian myself, I want to be a part of the Christian community,” Guinguine Bolomo, a club member, said.

Trey Searcy, a club member, said they use “Explore God” videos as part of their discussions. “We want to try to keep our environment open,” Searcy said. “Open discussions are a good seed that can be planted in the hearts of people who come in.”

Earls said, “Our goal on this campus is to be able to answer questions from students about the Bible and Christianity in a nonthreating environment.” All students are welcome to join the discussions regardless of their faith, he said. “We are trying to create an environment in our lunch meeting where anybody is welcome to come in,” Earls said.

“Our dream is start some cross-culture interactions with students who have different faiths, and share their cultures on campus,” Earls said. “Hopefully, we can start that next semester.”

Earls said the club is currently planning to expand its involvement on campus. He said an area of interest for the club is to assist in The Cave, the campus food pantry in Room K241. Earls said the club hopes to finish the semester strong in becoming more active on campus.