BHC Debuts ‘The Fantasticks’

By Azure Wickert
A&E Editor

Actor and teen pop star Aaron Carter, legendary vocalist Tom Jones and comedian and KISS FM DJ Daniel Torrez all have something in common with Brookhaven College: “The Fantasticks,” the world’s longest-running musical.

This season, Theatre Brookhaven students bring the romantic comedy musical of creative duo Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt to stage. Daniel Torrez of KISS FM plays Mortimer, and the above reference to Aaron Carter stems from the role he plays as The Boy (Matt) in the revival of “The Fantasticks” currently running at the Snapple Theater Center in New York City.

The original production of The Fantasticks had a record-setting 52-year run with more than 17,000 performances. Along with achieving the title of “longest-running production in the history of stage,” according to the show’s official website,, it can also take claim as “one of the most frequently produced musicals in the world.”

Brookhaven director Charles Self said he loved the music from the show. “My kids always ask me to sing to them in the car,” he said, and they are so familiar with the tunes that “they ask for them by name.”

The small-cast performance is showing in Brookhaven’s Arena Theatre. The live music accompaniment means the amount of space occupied by the seven-color platform stage and the overhung trunk and freight box set has to be shared with the piano. Audience members may feel drawn into the performance due to this close proximity to the actors, and the fact that the fourth wall is broken as the cast speaks to the audience.

“The Fantasticks” runs through Dec. 9 with various showtimes, including both daytime and evening performances. Self recommended that anyone interested in attending call the Box Office at 972-860-4118 or stop by Room C202 to make reservations.

Photo by Azure Wickert | Actors Emily Haynes (Luisa) and Renee Derr (Mute) add finishing touches to their makeup for opening night Nov. 29. Choreographer Katie Moyes Williams perfected the bow at the back of Haynes’ dress just as the stage manager announced “places.”