Open Book Project photography contest winners chosen


Photo by Xochitl Gonzalez first place

Matthew Brown, Layout/Web Editor

The Basement Gallery at Brookhaven College, located on the bottom level of L building, has announced the winners of the college’s Fall 2019 Open Book Project Instagram Photography Contest. 

The theme of the contest, “Show Us Your Food,” was based on this year’s Open Book Project selection, the book “Where am I Eating?” by Kelsey Timmerman.

Entries were submitted to the hashtag “#showusyourfood2019” and judged by food photographer Kathy Tran and student publications adviser and The Basement Gallery director Daniel Rodrigue.

Jacob 2nd place
Photo by Jacob Vaughn second place
Lu Rong, third place
Lu Rong third place
Malen Blackmon, honorable mention
Malen Blackmon honorable mention