Dallas artist Good Guy Levi releases debut EP


Courtesy of Bailey ‘Frank’ Franklin

Mykel Hilliard, Editor-in-Chief

Dallas-based alternative pop artist Arthur Yepez known as Good Guy Levi said music has always played a huge role in his life. He recalls childhood memories of Latin artists such as Shakira echoing off the walls of his Mexican home in Tyler, Texas.  

As he matured and cultivated his musical taste, he began gravitating toward artists with more rock-influenced sounds. Levi cites popular Y2K bands such as The Killers, The All-American Rejects, Paramore as some of his favorites. “Though I’m inspired by so many different artists and so many different sounds/genres, it was the spirit of the early 2000s that carried over into my musical identity,” he said. 


Despite his infatuation with music, he said it took him years to pursue his passion as a career, fearing music was a profession reserved for a small group of privileged people. “I’ve always wanted to take music seriously for as long as I can remember but I never truly had the guts to admit it,” he said.  

After being impressed by a friend’s guitar playing skills he decided to pick up playing the instrument as a hobby. “Little did I know that this low key hobby would turn into a closeted burning passion to create music and give it my all,” he said. 

As his guitar skills began to flourish, he started to experiment with writing his own original music. “The first few songs I ever wrote contributed to my confidence as an artist because it showed me that creating music was a very real thing in my life- instead of just some illusion or fantasy,” he said. 

He said for years he wrote rock songs using elements such as guitars and drums but when it came time to professionally release his music, he had to make important decisions. “I lacked one very important thing – band members. So I decided to take on this endeavor all by myself as Good Guy Levi.” 


Levi’s diverse appetite for music and growing musical skills would prove to be a valuable asset as he geared up to create his debut EP “Matcha” a seven-song project which explores alternative and pop sounds.  

Songs from the EP touch on emotions such as mental despair, comparison, anxiety, sadness and heartbreak. Levi said each song from the project resonates with him for different reasons. 

The EP includes a cover of The Killer’s song “Mr. Brightside,” a song he credits as one of his favorites from early childhood. “I believe this song holds the test of time because pain and anxiety is such an equalizer to the entire world – especially when it comes to romance.”  

On the emotionally charged track “River,” he reflects on his first romantic relationship. 

 “The song is about the aftermath – the horrific lonely aftermath of a deep dive into a temporary and shallow connection with someone,” he said. 

Landon Jett, his former roommate and collaborator recalls the moment the trio began constructing the track: “One night he [Levi] comes into the living room talking about this song idea he had so Brianna [Clover the Girl] and I asked him to show us. He played the verse and chorus to the song and without saying any words I just put on my headphones and started making an instrumental.”

Jett says an hour later Levi and Clover had already completed the song’s bridge.

Jett said he loves working with Levi and respects his ability to take risks musically. “He’s a wonderful lyricist and has a wonderful melody. It’s been a joy to also see how humble and willing he is to sing someone else’s melodies. He cares about the song. That’s what matters the most,” he said. 

Former roommate and singer Brianna Conrado aka Clover the Girl said she was pleased to work with Levi on the project. “There’s nothing like watching Levi just give more and more each time we are back in the studio because that’s what the work calls for. More truth, more pain, more discomfort and risk, more story, more reckless abandon in the booth, more failures and more magic,” she said. 

Levi said working with the pair pushed him during the EP’s recording process and helped build his confidence as an artist. “I was under a delusional idea of what an artist is ‘supposed to be’ and working with these two amazing creatives definitely broke those molds for me,” he said.


Levi will release his next single “Tell Me Where To Go” on Feb. 12. The track’s lyrics take aim at day to day insecurities, with an alternative rock sound. 

He said he is excited for the year ahead of him and looks forward to growing as an artist and songwriter. “I want to write/release way more songs, work with new artists, and even dive into production,” he said

Because of the pandemic and its effect on music venues, performing for crowds is not feasible but Levi said he is excited at the idea of performing in a post-pandemic world. “I’m low-key nervous about it, but I aspire for live shows to be a huge part of what my music is,” he said. 

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