Local vinyl hot spots worth visiting in DFW: Part 2


Mykel Hilliard

Spinster records is a must stop on the list of local vinyl shops to visit.

Nicole Rivera, Contributing Writer

Editors note: For a complete list of of vinyl hot spots to visit, be sure to check out Part 1.

Everything shoppers want is available at the touch of a button. Being able to access and stream any song in the world via smartphones has replaced the traditional experience of setting a vinyl album on a record player.

Generation X, and even millennials, know the nostalgic feeling of popping in a disc in a CD player or boombox. Some of us can even remember getting into our parents’ record collection when they weren’t home.

Thankfully, there are some amazing record stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where we are able to feel like we have stepped back in time. 


Record Town 

120 St. Louis Ave. Suite 105

Fort Worth, TX 76104

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, This record store is a staple in the community. They have been selling records there since 1957. According to the Record Town website, the store is considered a cultural landmark and historic treasure to the rich music heritage of Fort Worth. Record Town sells more than vinyl. They also sell guitars, mandolins and other accessories and music related items. Record Town also has an in-house staff available to help pick the right album.  


Spinster Records

408 N. Bishop Ave. #102 

Dallas, TX 75208

Spinster Records is bringing back soul to the North Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas. According to the Spinster Records website, they opened their first store in 2014. Spinster Records is a favorite in the DFW area for their weekly in-store performances and music industry panels on music related topics.  Not only does Spinster Records sell vintage vinyl records and turntables, they also sell books, apparel and jewelry. Due to Spinster Records’ array of unique items, they also refer to themselves as a music lifestyle store. They pride themselves in helping people build music collections. 


Chief Records

140 E. Exchange Ave. #135

Fort Worth, TX 76164

Chief Records is located in the Fort Worth Stockyards. This record store carries all genres of music, but is a staple primarily for country music lovers. According to the Chief Records website, they offer one of the biggest vinyl collections of country and western music. Chief Records is family owned and operated and was named in honor of Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys. Ray Price is a prominent figure for country music enthusiasts as he created the style of country music born in Texas dance halls and honky tonks. Chief Records welcomes all types of music listeners and is always carrying new music artists. 


Forever Young Records 

2955 TX-360

Grand Prairie, TX 75052

According to the Forever Young Records website, they are the largest music store in Texas. Forever Young Records is located in Grand Prairie, and has an enormous selection of music to choose from as they carry over 250,000 items. Some of the items they carry are vinyl, CDs, music DVDs, cassette tapes and 8-tracks. They have something for every type of listener in the D-FW area. They also buy and trade items such as collectible memorabilia. Forever Young Records stands out from other record stores as they tailor to a wide range of clientele and can ship items around the globe. 


Top Ten Records and Library 

338 W. Jefferson Blvd. 

Dallas, TX 75208 

Top Ten Records has some of the most interesting history of all the Dallas-Fort Worth record stores. According to the Top Ten Records website, their store opened in 1956 as a record shop and concert ticket outlet. Top Ten Records sold the most tickets to the Elvis Presley show at the Cotton Bowl that same year. Top Ten Record’s biggest story was that it was the location where Dallas Police officer J.D. Tippit was seen making a phone call before he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Top Ten Records is said to be the longest-running record store in Dallas according to their website. Top Ten Records is labeled as an official Records Library and their main mission is to sustain a piece of Oak Cliff history.