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Would you thrift your holiday gifts this year?

With the holidays in full force. Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift is as important as celebrating Christmas itself.

Shoppers will typically head to gift shopping mainstays such as their local shopping mall or online marketplaces such as Amazon to complete their holiday shopping lists.

What if there was an alternative destination for your holiday shopping needs?

What if that place is your local thrift store?

Thrift stores offer an endless amount of clothing and hard goods. The possibility of stumbling upon a giftable item is fairly high, but are Christmas gift recipients willing to overlook the absence of a shiny brand tag?

Jennifer Wang, a Brookhaven Campus student, said: “I wouldn’t mind. It’s the thought that counts.”

Wang said a thrifted gift would add a more sentimental element than a gift purchased brand new. She said: “It’s definitely harder to find the perfect used gift. Only a dedicated person would put in the time and effort to search for an item you will truly love.”

Brookhaven student Maria Garcia provided a more mixed reaction. “I think I would be wary about getting a gift from a thrift store.” she said. “What if the gift is dirty or smells weird?”

Secondhand clothing tends to acquire a certain “thrift store smell” that can be off-putting to certain individuals.

Garcia said receiving a thrifted gift would add an extra chore. “A clean freak like me would probably appreciate the gesture, but I would instantly sanitize the item.” Garcia said.

Seasoned thrift store shoppers would likely be the best candidates for a thrifted gift. Victoria Torres, a Brookhaven student said she describes herself as thrift obsessed. She said almost the entirety of her personal wardrobe is secondhand.

“Receiving a gift from my favorite place in the world would be unmatched,” Torres said. “I’ve never received a secondhand gift. It would stand out from the rest of my other Christmas gifts.” Torres touted the many benefits of thrifting from a college student perspective. “It’s fun, sustainable and cheap,” she said.

Thrifting a Christmas gift might seem like a foreign concept for both the gift giver and the recipient. Rising trends in sustainability and the toll recent inflation has had on shoppers will likely steer some consumers to their thrift stores. Granted, of course, if their recipient would respond warmly to the idea of a used Christmas gift. Thrift stores might very well be the next holiday gift mecca.

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