Ask a Professor – Storm safety

Question: What safety precautions should students and employees take during a severe storm or tornado?

Alex Stadthagen, EMT program director: Stay in shelter, stay away from windows and, preferably, go to a basement, if available. We do not really need any more Facebook or Twitter pictures or videos of the storm. The media will get plenty.

Stay put. Everything else can wait until after the storm passes.

Not only could you become an additional victim, you might get in the way of emergency responders.

Gabe Galvez, Police Lieutenant: When the word goes out, take shelter. You may get notified by text message alerts, phone announcements or by building coordinators and police officers. Find shelter in a “Tornado Safer Zone.”  Know where these locations are on campus. Stay out of hallways and glass window areas due to the possibility of flying debris.

Listen to the building coordinators and officers; they are trying to keep you safe.

Do not try to outrun a storm or leave campus. You only place yourself and others in greater danger. Wait for an “all clear” from the Police Department by text message alerts, phone announcements, buildings coordinators and police officers.

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