Remembering Jeffrey Zaslow

The Brookhaven College counselors are available to provide grief support to anyone who may need counseling following the death of Jeffrey Zaslow, co-author of “The Last Lecture.” Zaslow spoke at Brookhaven Feb. 1 as a guest of the Open Book Project. He died Feb. 11 after he lost control of his car and was struck by a truck in northern Michigan, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Beverly Neu Menassa, Brookhaven counselor, said she has already spoken with several students about his death. During his presentation, Zaslow said he used the project to tell his life story. “Life is defined by the things we do, not by the things we don’t do,” Zaslow said.

Nelda Contreras, Open Book Project representative, said the book project will not change and events will continue as planned. Zaslow will be recognized before each event. “He has left us all with another lesson about living life in the present, because he was not able to prepare and to say goodbye like Randy Pausch,” Contreras said.