Courtyard Party Welcomes Students

By Hillary Verver

Staff Writer

Step front, step back and step together twice. The Commons Courtyard was filled with students jumping in to take their turn when the D.J. played “Wobble” by rapper V.I.C.
Students took in all this entertainment while being introduced to what Brookhaven College has to offer to complete the college experience.
Every year, the Office of Student Life throws a Back to School party to welcome students to Brookhaven and the start of a new semester.
While it provides a social setting for all students in the Commons Courtyard, the party also encourages school spirit and promotes community outreach. This year’s bash included a D.J., cartoonist and hot dogs. It featured many of Brookhaven’s student organizations and clubs.
Brian Borski, director of student life, said he thought this year’s party was a success. He said, “We want to provide an outlet for students to have events and activities for them to take part in to make the college experience so much better.”
Borski said roughly 11,000 students are enrolled this semester at Brookhaven. His goal for the Welcome Back Party, along with other upcoming Student Life events, was to introduce students to new and different interests and involvement to enrich their college experience.
Some of the organizations and clubs that were present at the Back to School party included Phi Theta Kappa, Gay Straight Alliance, Yoga Club, Intramural Sports, African Club and SERVE!.
Each organization had its own table, offering students items from temporary tattoos to candy and apples, with the hopes of gaining each approaching student’s attention and possibly making them new club members.
Grady Thomas, a fine arts major and president of SERVE!, said, “It’s a great way to get active.”
Elizabeth Naranjo, a freshman, attended the Back to School party to fill a three-hour gap between classes. She said she was surprised to find a variety of organizations at Brookhaven, and signed up for the music committee.
“It showed me how easy it was to make friends and alleviated the stress of starting college,” Naranjo said. “I loved it.”
Students who missed the Back to School party or were not able to see all the organizations and clubs can visit Brookhaven’s website and obtain a list under the student handbook, or can visit the Office of Student Life.