‘Arrival’ hits big screen with style


By Monica Mitrovic
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of fsm-media.com


“Arrival,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, appears to be a Best Picture contender at the 2017 Academy Awards with its memorable screenplay and thrilling narrative. Continue reading

Gamers United plays through day-long charity drive

By Juan Betancourt
Sports Editor

Photo by Juan Betancourt
Gamers United Club members play various board games and video games during a 24-hour charity event Nov. 18-19 in Room S220.


The Brookhaven College Gamers United Club hosted a 24-hour charity event Nov. 18-19 that raised over $300 for the Extra Life Foundation, a foundation that helps fund Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Continue reading

Student says BHC led to success at international conference

Brookhaven College student uses experience in geographical information systems to wow at Esri International Users Conference in San Diego, California.

By Joshua Drake
Contributing Writer

Photo by Noel DeJesus
Norman Mucha is a Brookhaven College student and geographical information systems expert.


Night after night, Norman Mucha, a Brookhaven College student, found himself awakened by the sound of private trash collectors in the city of Farmers Branch. His trash was not being picked up during operational hours as defined in the city’s bylaws – collectors were passing earlier than they were allowed. Continue reading

Vietnam veteran student ‘guns’ for writing career

Andrew J. Hudson, a student-turned-author, returns to Brookhaven College to display his two books based on his experiences in the military during the Vietnam War.

By Eric Lopez
Contributing Writer

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar
Lt. Col. Andrew J. Hudson, otherwise known by his pen name as Tank Gunner, signs copies of his book “Prompts” and “Prompts Too” in the S Building Lobby.


At a book signing hosted in the S Building lobby, Lt. Col. Andrew J. Hudson, better known by his pen name, Tank Gunner, signed his books “Prompts” and “Prompt Too” Nov. 17. Continue reading

Electric guitar students jam out

Brookhaven music department performs combinations of rock, jazz and folk at guitar ensemble showcase.

By Jake Griffin
Copy Desk Chief


Brookhaven College School of the Arts’ music department held an Electric Guitar Ensemble performance Nov. 16 in the Performance Hall lobby. The songs were a blend of rock, jazz and folk. Continue reading

BHC music faculty jazzes up concert

Brookhaven College music department faculty takes time off work to raise money for student scholarships by performing various genres of music.

By Marilyn Velazquez
Contributing Writer

Photos by Marilyn Velazquez
Ray Allen Jr on the tenor saxophone plays “Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Piano.”


The Brookhaven College music department hosted its 12th Music Faculty Showcase Concert in the Performance Hall Nov. 19. Continue reading

PSA: A21 Campaign

By Eriana Ruiz
Director of Photography, Video and Photo Editor

More people today are living in slavery than in any other point in human history. More than 27 million people are in bondage across the world, according to A21, a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking, including sexual exploitation and forced slave labor.
Continue reading

Dallasites protest election results, Trump’s rhetoric

Juan Betancourt
Sports Editor

Protesters took to the streets in Dallas and across the U.S. to show their concerns after Republican nominee Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.
Continue reading

Student fashions future from beads, wire, family

Alex Stone, a Brookhaven Student’s, jewelry business, Nettle Heart Creations, sells unique jewelry made out of natural materials, such as copper, feathers and bones.

By Monica Mitrovic
Contributing Writer

Photos courtesy of Alex Stone
“The Carrion Caller” is a necklace made with a marble finding, brass chain, an antique brass bell, a scavenged coyote foot bone and pheasant feathers. It was created by Alex Stone, a Brookhaven College student.


A marriage connected by art, successfully runs the creative jewelry business, Nettle Heart Creations. Continue reading

Farmers Branch food safety scores inform students, faculty

By Ellen Case and Jaz’man Hampton
Senior Staff Writer and Staff Writer


Food safety scores in city of Farmers Branch are based on a scale ranging from 0-100. Farmers Branch uses a system called the Texas Food Establishment Rules as well as the state inspection form that goes with these rules to inspect food establishments, according to farmersbranchtx.gov. Continue reading