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Dress for success

November 18, 2019

I’m graduating. What should I do now that I am out of college?

May 6, 2019

Congratulations – you did it! You successfully completed your degree at Brookhaven College. You don the cap and gown, invite your family to the ceremony, cry a little when you walk across the stage, celebrate at dinner and that’s it. You’re done. Read More »...

Adidas turns threat into thread

April 22, 2019

By Malen Blackmon Sports editor Adidas and Parley for the Oceans have been pulling plastic out of the ocean and converting trash into thread, literally. About 8 million metric tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean in a single year, according to earth...

NHL fighting shows bias

April 22, 2019

By Malen Blackmon Sports Editor Former National Hockey League player and head coach Barry Melrose said the passion found in hockey fights is what makes the sport special, according to ESPN. However, that is not true. The pass...

What do I need to consider if I am planning on taking a summer class?

April 22, 2019

When May rolls around, most students are starting to exhale the stagnant air of the spring semester and starting to inhale the freedom that summer offers. The summer months of June, July and August usually mean no homework, reading, commutes to campus or struggles for a parking spa...

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